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"Why Didn't God Do Something?"

By: editor

I began meeting with Jason several months ago. We started our study of God’s Word with Creation and the Fall into Sin and continued with God’s plan to save sinners. We spent a lot of time on how God made use of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants in His plan of salvation.


Last week, Jason and I studied how the Children of Israel turned away from the true God to worship and serve false gods. As Jason thought about Israel’s cycle of idolatry following the death of Joshua, he asked me, “Why didn’t God do something?” I smiled and told Jason, “He did!”


I assured Jason that the one true God did not sit idly by as his children walked away from him. Instead, he did something. He sent his messengers, the Old Testament prophets, to call his sinful people to repentance and trust in his promise to send a Savior from sin. And as Jason knows, God kept that promise.


I also reminded Jason that God continues to “do something” to save sinners, including him and me, to this day. Through the Bible, the one true God still speaks to sinners today, calling them to repentance for all of their many sins. Through his Word, God still invites all sinners to trust in Jesus, his Son, for the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting in heaven. And using the Gospel, the Holy Spirit still brings people to faith in Jesus as their Savior from sin.


I thank the Triune God that he is “doing something” in the hearts and souls of so many men and women, including Jason, with whom we have the privilege of sharing the Word of God. And I pray for our Lord’s richest blessings as we continue sharing hope with those who need it most.


Chaplain Charles Iles