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Too Many Mistakes

By: editor

It was a rare occasion, but on this particular evening, only one man came to the meeting room for Bible Study. He was familiar to me, having attended some of my previous classes. He came from a reformed background and knew his Bible well, and he would often try to encourage others in their Christian living. On this particular occasion, however, I could tell that something was troubling him.


We talked, and it wasn’t long before he expressed his fears and the tears began to flow. “I’ve made too many mistakes, broken God’s rules too many times,” he explained, fearful that he had disqualified himself as a child of God and certain that his heart was just too rebellious to be saved.


I don’t recall the exact words I used in my response, but I was able to reassure him of God’s unchanging, unbreakable love. I encouraged him to shift his focus away from his sins and look, instead, to the cross of Jesus Christ. I reminded him that sorrow over sin is also part of the Spirit’s work.


He was transferred to another correctional facility shortly after that night, and I never saw him again. I do not know the rest of his journey; I only know that I am thankful for having the opportunity to listen to his fears and concerns, and point him to Christ. 


— Dan K, Correctional Volunteer