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The Spirit's "Click" of Faith

By: editor

When I first met Jason in October of last year, he was just a few weeks away from his 28th birthday. According to Jason, between juvie (juvenile detention), county jail and state prisons, he had spent nearly half of his life incarcerated in one institution or another. His entire life seemed to be going in the wrong direction.


More significantly, Jason had grown up without the Word of God and saw no reason to spend any time reading the Bible or learning about a Savior named Jesus, until he met a fellow inmate named Robert. They began having long discussions about God, life, heaven, hell and a Savior named Jesus. Then “something clicked,” as Jason put it. That “click” was undoubtedly the Holy Spirit working faith in the heart of this young man. He put in a request for a Bible and when it arrived he began to read. Jason was filled with questions — lots of questions! — so he turned to his friend Robert. When the questions just kept coming, Robert encouraged him to request a pastoral visit with me.


For over three months now, Jason and I have been studying God’s Word together every week. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue his work in Jason’s heart and give him the peace that comes from sins forgiven and that leads to life eternal in heaven!


Jason often thanks me for making time in my schedule to study the Scriptures with him. And I am thankful, too — thankful for all the ministry partners that make it possible for me to tell people like Jason about a Savior named Jesus. Jason’s eagerness to learn about his Savior is a wonderful blessing of faith and evidence that the Word of God is “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12) as the Holy Spirit touches Jason’s heart and soul with the Gospel.


Chaplain Charles Iles

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