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Father's Day

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Father's Day

“Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad Ever!” I read the card, smile, and thank my family, but deep inside, I know better.


I recall my past and I’m filled with shame. I remember moments of self-centeredness, of anger, of sharp words, of doing things I told them not to do. Have I failed my God and family? Let me count the ways.


Thank God, I have the perfect Father. I have perfect forgiveness of every sin. I have a perfect future life, where everything I’ve ever done wrong no longer looms before me.


I thank God for the forgiveness learned from Jesus. Without it, my family would never have sent me the card that caused this thought process.


I also thank God for new opportunities to model his love – new situations in which, with God’s help, I can more perfectly act like Jesus toward my family and friends.


And finally, I thank God for giving me the privilege of sharing this message about a perfect heavenly Father, with all the walled-in people we serve.


Pastor Philip Henselin
Executive Director

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