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Conflict Resolution

By: editor

At the Grace Oasis recovery support group one evening we were discussing how we could bring our resentments and conflicts to God rather than let those things consume us and drive us to relapse. One of the guys in the group raised an objection: “Isn’t God supposed to be all-powerful? Then how come he doesn’t stop conflicts and oppression? Why didn’t he stop the bloodshed in World War One and World War Two and all the other wars since then?”


One of the other guys had a response: “Never mind World War One and World War Two: What about the conflicts that happen among the people here in this room? How are we going to tell God how he should resolve global conflicts when we can’t even resolve the conflicts we have with each other here?”


I said, “God could easily make us get along by just zapping us with happy Christian rays: ZAP! ‘I love everybody! I accept everybody!’ But I don’t think any of us want to be turned into zombies, do we? So instead we come to the God who says, ‘Come, let us discuss this’ (Isaiah 1:18), and work with him to become forgivers.”  Chaplain Merten

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