Aftercare Support Groups

The newcomer looked vaguely familiar when he joined us for God & Grub one evening. When he saw me, he walked over and said, “Hi Mart, how are you doing?” As I was attempting to place his face, he handed me a coupon for one of the “backpacks” that we give out to “returning citizens” when they show up for one of our Aftercare Support groups (the backpack contains a sandwich, bus pass, misc. toiletries and a Bible). “I’ve been looking at this coupon every day for the last three years" he told me, "and it has given me hope knowing that there was someone on the ‘outside’ who cared and wanted to help once I was released.” It all started coming back to me then. Three years ago this man attended my Bible class at the House of Correction. He joined our group that evening for the meal, and during our Bible study I had the privilege of sharing the true hope that is ours in Jesus Christ. As we wrapped up the evening, I presented him with his “backpack” and invited him to join us again next week.


Chaplain Martin Rosewicz


Our ministry sharing hope with those who need it most— extends well beyond the walls of the institutions that we enter. Aftercare Support Groups include a number of various programs such as God & Grub, Grace Oasis and mentoring for ex-offenders. These ministries are focused on helping individuals with some of their spiritual and physical needs after they leave an institution. To learn more, check out the links below.


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