The Journey of Grief

In Psalm 23, King David talks about walking "through the valley of the shadow of death" and being unafraid because of the Lord's presence. I’ve always considered those words of David to be especially comforting and reassuring during the life-threatening challenges we face. Since the death of my daughter in 2010 however, I have come to appreciate how well these familiar words also speak to our journey of grief when a loved one dies. It’s been said that life is a journey rather than a destination. I have come to believe that this is also true of grief. Grief is a journey on which we come to terms with the “new normal” that is now our life, following the loss of someone we love. And while virtually everyone makes this journey (and most of us several times over), the road, that each of us travels through our grief, is unique, and so is the comfort, strength and peace that our Savior supplies along the way.


This presentation can be offered as a half day workshop with three sessions (or a series of three separate presentations), or it can be condensed into a single presentation if necessary. If her schedule permits, my wife Dawn (Nurse Supervisor at Froedtert Cancer Center) will also join me providing her perspective as both a medical professional and a mother.


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