Bible Study Lessons

Grace Through Christ

Facilitator Guide
Lesson 1 The Lost Sheep and His Good Shepherd
Lesson 2 The Lost Son
Lesson 3 Jesus Eats Dinner at a Pharisee's House
Lesson 4 The Unmerciful Servant
Lesson 5 Jesus and the Sinful Woman
Lesson 6 The Samaritan Woman
Lesson 7 The Good Samaritan
Lesson 8 Jesus Walks on Water
Lesson 9 The Story About the Rich Fool
Lesson 10 The Wise and Foolish Builders
Lesson 11 Jesus is the Good Shepherd
Lesson 12 Jesus Feeds the 5,000
Lesson 13 Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
Lesson 14 Jesus Raises Lazarus
Lesson 15 The Temptation of Jesus
Lesson 16 Paul's Thorn in the Flesh
Lesson 17 The Great Banquet
Lesson 18 The Pharisee and Tax Collector
Lesson 19 Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet
Lesson 20 Jesus Appears to Thomas

Life Skills: Facing Freedom for Women

Lesson 1: Facing Your Emotions, Grief

Christian Recovery: 12 Step

The Twelve Steps
Step 1-1 God is in Control; I'm Not
Step 1-2 I Don't Have the Plan
Step 1-3 I Need to Have God Set My Priorities
Step 1-4 I'm Not Going to Try to Control What I Feel
Step 1-5 My Powerlessness and The Cross's Power
Step 1-6 Powerless to Deny Our Feelings
Step 1-7 Powerlessness Over God's Love
Step 1-8 Powerlessness Over Guilt
Step 1-9 Who is Managing My Life?
Step 2-1 Am I Confusing God With the Higher Powers I Used to Have?
Step 2-2 God The Holy Spirit has Unlimited Power for You
Step 2-3 Insanity/Sanity
Step 2-4 Jesus is The Power for Your New Life
Step 2-5 Real Power Over My Dependencies
Step 2-6 The True Higher Power
Step 2-7 Your Master's Dead! Quit Taking Orders From Him!
Step 2-8 You're Safe With The God of Grace
Step 3-1 As We Understood Him
Step 3-2 Being Honest With God About My Feelings
Step 3-3 Can I Trust God's Priorities?
Step 3-4 Come as You Are
Step 3-5 Decision Time
Step 3-6 Trusting God
Step 3-7 My Doubts
Step 3-8 Relying on The God Who Will Never Abandon You
Step 3-9 The Blood of Jesus Manages All Guilt
Step 3-10 Trusting The God Who Shares My Feelings
Step 3-11 Turning Over My Will
Step 3-12 What Would the Prodigal Son's Father Do?
Step 3-13 We Made a Decision
Step 3-14 What do You Have to Lose?
Step 4-1 Fourth Step Acceptance
Step 4-2 Stop Investing in False Hopes
Step 5-1 Dropping the "Good" Image
Step 5-2 I'm Bulletproof, Spiritually Speaking
Step 5-3 Jesus is the Answer for Shame
Step 5-4 Naming My Problem
Step 6&7-1 Are You Ready to Have God Get You Ready?
Step 6&7-2 Asking for Help
Step 6&7-3 Character Defects and God Given Strengths
Step 6&7-4 How is God Removing My Defects of Character?
Step 6&7-5 Repentance is a Mental Turnaround
Step 8&9-1 Making Amends - Letting it all go
Step 8&9-2 Amends to Make - Amends to Avoid
Step 10-1 Working With The Spirit on Continual Inventory
Step 10-2 I'm a Work in Progress
Step 11-1 Praying Honestly
Step 11-2 How's Your "Seeking" Going?
Step 11-3 Staying on My Side of the Street
Step 11-4 Worth the Struggle
Step 12-1 Keeping Recovery by Giving it Away
Step 12-2 Little Details
Step 12-3 Loving the Crazy Without Becoming Crazy
Step 12-4 My Spiritual Awakening Needs to be Ongoing
Step 12-5 No Life Redeemed by Jesus is a Wasted Life
Step 12-6 Sinners Helping Sinners
Step 12-7 Don't Slip Back Into the Old Nightmare!

Christian Recovery: Acceptance & Serenity

Lesson 1 Awareness, Acceptance & Action: The Three A's
Lesson 2 Finding God in the Lowest Times of My Life
Lesson 3 Jesus Freed Me to be Truly Human
Lesson 4 The Consequences of My Sin/God's Grace
Lesson 5 Serenity and Acceptance - What is Serenity?
Lesson 6 Serenity With Painful and Guilty Memories
Lesson 7 Slowing Down My Racing Thoughts

Christian Recovery: Slogans, Terms & Concepts

Lesson 1 "Black and White" Thinking vs Grace Thinking
Lesson 2 Claiming My Addiction, Claiming Jesus's Victory
Lesson 3 "Cured"?
Lesson 4 Detachment With Love
Lesson 5 "Fake It Till You Make It"
Lesson 6 H.A.L.T. (Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired)
Lesson 7 Healing for Terminal Uniqueness
Lesson 8 "One Day at a Time"
Lesson 9 Staying Away From "Wet Places and Wet People"
Lesson 10 "We are not Saints" - But Then Again, We are!

Christian Recovery: Letting Go of Resentments

Lesson 1 How do I Forgive?
Lesson 2 Love Your Enemies

Christian Recovery: Fear of Deprivation

Lesson 1 Afraid of Deprivation? Come to Jesus for the Full Life
Lesson 2 Don't Live in Fear of Being Deprived
Lesson 3 Jesus is Lord of My Losses

Christian Recovery: Assorted Lessons

Lesson 1 God Calls Us out of Our Comfort Zones
Lesson 2 God's Grace Frees Me to be Me
Lesson 3 God's Grace is the Bottom Line
Lesson 4 Jesus is Here to Give Me Rest
Lesson 5 Jesus is the Answer to Shame
Lesson 6 Jesus Speaks from the Cross
Lesson 7 Recovery Calls for Fellowship
Lesson 8 Unhealthy Justification/Healthy Justification
Lesson 9 Wearing the "Jesus Uniform"
Lesson 10 What do I Really Need in Life?
Lesson 11 Where's the Escape Hatch?

Life Skills: Facing Freedom

Lesson 1 New Connections - Ways and Means
Lesson 2 A Basic Question of Freedom
Lesson 3 Sorrow, Sadness and Unresolved Grief
Lesson 4 Depression - "Doctor, Can You Tell Me Why...?"
Lesson 5 It's A Matter of Trust
Teacher's Guide Lesson 1
Teacher's Guide Lesson 2
Teacher's Guide Lesson 3

Life Skills: Assorted Lessons

Lesson 1 Appreciating Your Inner Self
Lesson 2 Male Leadership
Lesson 3 Do You Want to Succeed?
Lesson 4 Pride - Cancer or Cure?
Lesson 5 Worry
Lesson 6 Understanding Failure
Lesson 7 A New Mind - How Jesus Makes us Born Again
Lesson 8 Carrying the Burden of Guilt
Teacher's Guide Lesson 1
Teacher's Guide Lesson 3
Teacher's Guide Lesson 4