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Redhawk Stands Guard

Redhawk Stands Guard

Redhawk was a native American whose son was hospitalized. While his son was in the hospital, Redhawk refused to leave his room, and he even ate and slept in his son’s room. When the staff urged him to take a break outside of the room, he refused saying, “Evil spirits are after my son and I need to be here to protect him.” 

When the staff told me about Redhawk, I went to visit him.

As we visited, Redhawk told me that he was a Christian. He and his son belonged to a little Christian group. Before each meeting, the members would walk around the lodge several times reading Bible verses and prayers to chase away the evil spirits who wished to destroy them. Then, while they gathered inside to study the Bible, three elders would sit in front of the building studying Bible stories. The three elders standing guard, he explained, represented the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In their native culture, evil spirits were very real, and Redhawk needed to remain vigilant so that they wouldn’t wreck his son’s life the way they had wrecked the lives of some of his relatives who had become heavy drinkers and lawbreakers. Redhawk believed that because of his son’s illness, he was especially vulnerable to the evil spirits that ruined the lives of his relatives. Therefore, he would stay with his son, read the Bible to his son, and pray for him.

Together, we reviewed the saving love of Jesus for baptized sinners. As we talked about his death on the cross, his resurrection from the grave and the forgiveness of sins, I explained that these were powerful weapons of faith to combat evil spirits. We talked more, and Redhawk gave me the privilege of hearing the Lord’s Prayer in his native language. After visiting for some time, Redhawk asked me to stay in his son’s room while he took care of some business. He was confident through our Christian talk and shared faith that I could also protect his son.

It was a special privilege to meet another Christian outside of our regular circle of Believers. It reminded me that there are many other kinds of Christians who also worship God. Please remember to keep these fellow Christians in your prayers. To God be the glory! 




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