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What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?

I have been meeting with John, a WELS member, on a regular basis for a couple of years. When we meet, we often spend the first few minutes just visiting, before we begin our study of God’s Word.

Recently, as we began our visit, John told me he had a new “cellie” who isn’t a Christian and doesn’t seem to have any interest in the Word of God or Jesus. John asked me, “Pastor, what should I do to share the Gospel with my ‘cellie’?”

In answer to his question, I asked John if he was already doing something to share Jesus with his “cellie.” I’m sure that I smiled a big, thankful smile, when John replied, “Well, first I pray.” Without commenting, I asked John another question, “Why do you pray first?” John answered, “Because Jesus tells us to pray and promises that our Father in heaven always hears and answers our prayers.” John continued, “Then I wait and watch for an opportunity to talk with my ‘cellie’ about Jesus.”

“Do you think you should be doing anything different?” I asked. In response, John asked me a question, “Is there anything more important than praying and letting my light shine?” I answered John by asking him if he was spending time each day reading and learning the Word of God. When he smiled, I knew his answer. John was making the study of God’s Word a priority in his life.

I thank our Savior for the faith that the Holy Spirit has planted in John’s heart and pray that the Spirit would keep him in his faith for all eternity! Then I asked John another question, “Shall we begin our study of God’s Word?”




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