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Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds

I L-O-V-E spider plants! It’s really gotten so bad that my husband is begging me to give some of them away.

My journey with spider plants began when I received one from a neighbor who was moving. Soon after I received the plant, I discovered how amazing spider plants are — they grow babies. For someone who has been known to have a black thumb, spider plants have renewed my confidence and love for indoor foliage. Part of what I love most about spider plants is that they are very patient with their owner. It is difficult to kill them, and they reproduce without you doing much of anything at all. Babies just naturally sprout from the mother plant.

“How does all this relate to ministry?” you ask. Well, I sow a lot of seeds in my ministry to women. Sometimes it’s through the Bibles I give out. Sometimes it’s through the Bible studies that I conduct or the prayers we pray together. I typically never know if the seed is going to sprout, much less bear fruit someday. Just recently, I have been blessed to see some little seedlings grow into strong fruit-bearing plants.

Joni is a woman who I have walked with on her spiritual journey for many years. We’ve read God’s Word together, prayed together, and now, she’s even become a resource for me!

A short time ago, Mia, an inmate I ministered to in jail, reached out to me a few months after her release. She was clearly struggling, but unfortunately, Mia lived a considerable distance from me. She listened intently to my words of encouragement from God’s Word, but she didn’t say much.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk as closely with her as she needed because of the distance that separated us, but then I thought of my good friend Joni. She had been down this road before. Joni loved Jesus and loved serving him by sharing his love and truths with others, especially during difficult times. I called Joni and asked if she’d be willing to help mentor Mia. She agreed, and the two connected not long after.

Now, God is using the experiences, talents, and willing spirit of my friend Joni to reach out to Mia as she navigates the difficult task of returning to the outside. I’m not sure how this journey will end or whether the relationship will flourish. Regardless, it is wonderful to see how God can take a seed, have it sprout, and bear new blossoms of its own.


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