God At Work Through IM



Taking “selfies” has become quite popular in our society. Yet, while selfies have become quite commonplace, people’s desire to get the perfect picture of themselves can have dangerous, albeit unintended consequences.

One day, I observed a young man trying to get the perfect selfie. To get a better picture of himself in his picturesque surroundings, he climbed up on a wall near a cliff. While concentrating on capturing the perfect picture, he lost his balance and nearly fell over a hundred-foot cliff. His friends screamed and the young man himself was noticeably frightened. His rather foolish attempt to get the perfect selfie almost cost him his life.

Today, when we take a spiritual selfie of ourselves with the ten commandments as our camera, we see ourselves stained with many sins which fill us with guilt before the holy Lord God. We do not like looking at our lies, sexual thoughts, greed, and hurtful thoughts. We ask, “Is there any way to clean up the spiritual picture of ourselves and find peace with the Lord?” The good news is, “Yes!”

Jesus, the Savior of sinners, lived a perfect life for us and died in our place. Through faith in Jesus, God covers us with Jesus’ sinless life and declares us to be righteous in his sight. Through faith in Jesus’ death upon the cross, God forgives all of our sins so that there is no danger of falling into his judgement. Our new spiritual selfie is a gift from God through faith in Jesus. With that picture, we go on with our life to praise the Lord and serve others. Enjoy your wonderful God-given spiritual selfie!




Ministry Behind the Walls

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