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“Running to Win the Prize”

“Running to Win the Prize”

As is often the case, new people show up for our weekly Bible studies every now and then. In one way or another, they have heard about our study of God’s Word and decide to join our group. 

Whenever that happens, I introduce myself and welcome our “newcomers.”

Jason was one of those “newcomers” in the summer of 2021. After a couple of weeks, he asked if I would meet with him one-on-one. I told Jason that I would be pleased to meet with him, and we soon began a study of the most important teachings of God’s Word. That study led to a confession of faith by Jason and his reception as a communicant member of our WELS.

During the months we spent studying the Word of God, I learned that Jason is a runner. However, he is not your ordinary runner who runs cross country or even a marathon. Rather, Jason is an “ultra runner.” When he runs a race, it is the equivalent of four marathons in one race! As we talked about Jason’s running, it led us to recall how Paul encouraged the Christians in Corinth to run the race of faith to “receive the prize” of life everlasting. (1 Corinthians 9:24) We thanked our God for the prize of eternal life, which Jesus has won for us and all sinners.

Jason was released from prison a few months ago and is now living in another state. I pray that through the Holy Spirit’s work, he is still “running the race of faith” and that I will see him once again in heaven.

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