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Knowing God

Knowing God

One of the greatest joys of my ministry is getting to share the message of the gospel with those who really do not know our gracious God. Oh, they may know about the Lord Jesus, but they do not truly know Him — not as the God of free and faithful grace. 

They are often troubled souls, who believe that God couldn’t possibly love or care for them because of all the sinful choices they’ve made throughout their lives. Shining the light of Jesus’ love upon these Christians who are young in the faith is like pouring water on a dried-up sponge.

Timothy was one of these young Christians who was just getting to know his Savior. Every week, when I would return to the prison, Timothy was always the first to arrive and the last to leave, and I often found myself peppered with questions from the time I arrived until the time I left. Like Mary, who wanted nothing more than to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to his Word, Timothy had been blessed with an insatiable thirst for the Word of God — so intent was his desire to really know his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What’s more, the Spirit of the Lord had so filled his heart and consumed his life, that the peace and contentment he now enjoyed, was visible to those around him. Oh, Timothy still had good days and bad days within the prison. Being incarcerated hadn’t miraculously become an easy burden to bear. But now, Timothy was facing each day knowing that Jesus would be with him, no matter what the day would bring.

As another fun-filled summer begins with all its warm weather activities and family get-togethers, consider what your summer would be like (or for that matter, what your life would be like) if you didn’t know Jesus. What if you knew nothing about the faithful, loving God, who draws you close to his heart to bring you comfort during difficult and troubling times? What if you didn’t know this gracious God, who also rejoices with you during the happier times, the God who fills your heart with so much joy, that you cannot help but feel blessed? If Jesus was not woven into the very fabric of your life, what would these busy days of summer be like for you? Indeed, without Jesus, what would your entire life be like?

As we gather together with family and friends during these fun-filled days of summer, let us take time to ponder the many blessings God has graciously poured out upon us. Let us be mindful, not just of His day-to-day goodness, but especially His greatest and most precious gift to us in His Son, Jesus Christ. Then, let us also consider the many possibilities that God is placing before us this summer to shine the light of Jesus’ love upon people who may not only be spending the days of summer without knowing Jesus, but all of their days.

May the fun-filled days of summer be a time when God’s Spirit moves our hearts to do all that we can to reach out to everyone who does not yet know the Lord — the God of free and faithful grace.


Be a blessing today!





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