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“Look, I stand at the door and I am knocking. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will go in with him and dine with him, and he with me.” (Revelation 3:20 EHV)

I have known Sandy since 2019. She had come to my Bible study groups, and we had also met one-on-one as we walked together during her pregnancy. She shared with me the many struggles she faced throughout her life. Her childhood memories were filled with abuse, foster care, and drugs. She was now facing the loss of her parental rights to her own children, and she learned that the child she was currently carrying would be born with disabilities.

She was out of prison for a brief time, but when she landed back “inside,” she got back in touch. I was thrilled that she, once again, had requested to see me. Though not ideal, we had to meet via computer video-chats due to new restrictions.

Sandy and I met this way several times. She updated me on how her children were doing and what had happened with her court case. I shared Jesus’ words of truth, hope, encouragement, and love. I was honored that God gave me the privilege to minister to this precious soul for whom Jesus had given his life.

Sadly, during the following year, Sandy and I had very few video chats. Though I had made nine appointments to meet with her, Sandy showed up for only two of them. It was disappointing, but it was very important for Sandy to know that I had not forgotten or given up on her. It was also very important for Sandy to know that Jesus was still standing at the door and knocking.

Finally, about a year since our last visit, I received an email from the prison chaplain which said, “Sandy is requesting a visit with you,” so we set up a time to meet. Best of all, we were going to meet face-to-face instead of through a computer screen. Praise God!

Sandy apologized when she arrived for our visit. She was aware of how I had attempted to keep up with our visits during the past year. She shared that she had been going through a lot (losing three loved ones in the span of one week). The day of our visit was the anniversary of the death of her daughter’s dad. It also marked a year since she had given up her rights to her children.

Despite all her troubles, the Holy Spirit led her to think of me. “You have always been there for me,” she commented. What an opportunity this gave me to remind her of Jesus and his promise, “I will be with you always.” What an opportunity to remind her that God has been knocking on the door to her heart. What a reminder that through all the grief, pain, and changes, as well as all the loss and disappointment, that our good and faithful God has never forgotten her.

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