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God’s Word Is Our Treasure

God’s Word Is Our Treasure

Cindy’s past was riddled with troubles. She had suffered brain injuries in utero. She had been involved in episodes of violence and trauma. 

She had noticeable physical features that made evident her past trauma. Though not noticeable, she suffered from much damage to her mind and spirit. 

And yet Cindy lived a life of thankfulness. Cindy took her relationship with God very seriously. Cindy strove to obey God’s command to put him first in her life, no matter what it took. 

My contact with Cindy often occurred through weekly Zoom visits at the jail. She valued having someone to listen, care, share, and pray with. Then technology glitches prevented our visits for several consecutive weeks. It would have been easy for Cindy to sit back and complain to the other women on the jail. Cindy could easily have just resigned herself to another instance in which being locked up meant frustration and loss of freedoms. However, Cindy did not do that. 

At the risk of being ignored or being labeled as annoying; at the risk of suffering ramifications from the guards, Cindy spoke up. She wrote a note to the jail administration as well. With assertiveness and perseverance, Cindy did everything she could think of to be given permission to resume her chaplain visits. 

Given her background, I wouldn’t have blamed Cindy for not speaking up. It would have been understandable that the events from her difficult past would have stripped her confidence. It would have been easier and safer for her to remain silent.

While inmate requests may at times be ignored and often are, God graciously allowed Cindy’s request to be heard and acted upon. God answered her prayer. Administrative officials took steps and followed through. Cindy’s visits with me were restored. The next time we met, we rejoiced together that God had blessed her in this way.

Cindy’s courage reminds us of so many people from the Bible who did the right thing by seeking God and his righteousness first, even in hard circumstances. Cindy’s courage reminds me of the courage of Daniel, the three men in the fiery furnace, Esther, and many more. Cindy’s courage reminds me to take God’s command seriously when he says to love and trust him above all else and make him our highest priority.

I thank God that Cindy has so much love for God’s Word, and that she was able to bravely ask for help to hear it. I pray that you, too, will make hearing it your highest priority and joy. God bless us all as we grow in our faith through our study of it.

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