God At Work Through IM




 Five years ago, we purchased the web domain www.IM.Life to provide a short and easy website address for people to remember. In addition to being easy to remember, IM.Life also captures the heart of our ministry: sharing Jesus — the great “I am” — the only source of life and salvation. Jesus pointed to himself as the “way, truth and life.” IM.Life points people to the great things God is doing in the hearts and lives of the people we serve.


Once we began using IM.Life regularly in our social media platforms, we decided to incorporate it into an easily identifiable logo that would not only help people recognize our posts, but also remember our web address. What’s more, our Lutheran heritage and theology are front and center in the logo.



Theology behind the Logo:

  • The heart is red, retaining its natural color to remind us of our mortality and the fact that since the fall, our life on this earth is only temporary.
  • The cross at the center of the heart reminds us that it is faith in Christ that saves. For on the cross, Jesus delivered us from the curse of sin, transforming physical death into a gateway to eternal life.
  • The white that flows from the cross and envelops the heart, symbolizes the holiness of Jesus which clothes us in robes of righteousness through faith. The white also symbolizes the blessings of peace and joy that Jesus bestows on believers through faith, for faith does not give peace and joy “as the world gives” (Jn. 14:27).
  • The gold band that surrounds the heart reminds us that “the blessedness of heaven lasts forever and has no end. Such blessedness is exquisite, beyond all joy and goods, just as gold is the most valuable, most precious and best metal” (Martin Luther).
  • Finally, IM.Life brings to mind the words of Jesus: “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through me” and “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even if he dies. And whoever lives and believes in me will never perish (Jn 14:6; 11:25-26).


May the Lord continue to bless our efforts to point people to the great “I am” — the Savior God who is the only source of life and salvation.

Ministry Behind the Walls

Institutional Ministries is a nonprofit organization established in 1901 that carries out behind-the-walls ministry by shining the light of Jesus’ love into hearts.