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Our Stories

Brenda was an unchurched mother of an eight year old who was dying of cancer. I met Brenda on her first hospital visit when she began treatment for her cancer. I sat and listened to all of her fears and concerns, and eventually, I had the privilege of sharing God’s Word with her. In the...

Sharing hope with those who need it most!



Feb 07
Victory of the Lamb, Franklin, WI
Chaplain Joseph Radsek IM Presentation...
Mar 13
St John Jefferson, WI
Pastor Philip Henselin, IM Executive...
Mar 21
St John Jefferson, WI
Pastor Philip Henselin, IM Executive...

Ministry Insights

"Our lesson at the jail this week was about Facing Judgement. As we began introductions, I had the ladies tell me what came to mind when they heard the word judgement. The women made comments about prejudice and pointing fingers. They also talked...
"Parents who lived out of state called for a chaplain to visit their daughter who was hospitalized after an accident.  She was no longer connected to any faith group.  Through the accident the Lord tapped her on the shoulder...
"Before service, an inmate asked if Jesus would be here tonight. We talked briefly, and I soon discovered that his inquiry was like that of the Greeks who came to Philip, 'Sir, we would like to see Jesus.' After the service, he shook my...