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Our Stories

Holding up his Bible, Billy blurted out, “None of this makes any sense! I just can’t understand any of it! I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be getting out of this! I don’t even understand what love is!” As Billy continued pouring out his heart in our Bible...

Sharing hope with those who need it most!



Dec 30
Salem Lutheran Church (Eastside), Milwaukee, WI
Chaplain Mark Wenzel Guest Preaching
Jan 27
Faith Lutheran Church, Black River Falls, WI
Pastor Philip Henselin, IM's Executive...
Jan 27
Zion Lutheran Church, Kiel, WI
Chaplain Joseph Radsek Preaching

Ministry Insights

"It's not too unusual to have tempers flare when the women in jail live in such close quarters. But two of the ladies who had chosen to attend today were obviously not on the best of terms. They were picking on one another's weaknesses,...
"Over the years, most of the inmates that have typically attended my Bible classes have had little knowledge of Scripture. Occasionally, you will have some who know their Bibles fairly well, and once in a great while, you will have someone who is...
"Two women (in two different jails), who had previously served time, found themselves back "inside" once again. After being out for a year, they both ended up breaking the law and violating their probation. One had been baptized in the...