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Our Stories

Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” Matthew 9:12.   The evening text conversation had started out simple enough. I had been planning to meet with Jay, and we were trying to set up a time when we could get together and talk. What I would...

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Feb 22
St John - Juneau WI
Chaplain Charles Iles will conduct a...
Feb 23
St Paul - Neosho WI
Pastor Robert Pasbrig will preach and...
Feb 25
Zion - South Milwaukee WI
Chaplain Philip Merten

Ministry Insights

"It is interesting to watch at the athletic gym how people drive around aggressively to get the parking spot closest to the front door. Likewise we are tempted to try to drive our own way closer to God. Abraham, Moses, and St. Paul tried it on their...
"It was bitter cold at the prison this morning, and I was especially thankful for the fact that the correction officers transport us from the front gate to the chapel. Knowing that at least two of my guys (who live in units on the outskirts...
"We were reading Psalm 18 in Bible study and there were so many beautiful and helpful verses. The women were especially encouraged by God's power and deliverance. With problems like addiction, legal issues, relationships and parenting problems (...