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Our Stories

When asked how old he was, Jacob said to Pharaoh, “The years of my pilgrimage are a hundred and thirty. My years have been few and difficult…” (Gen 47:9). Jacob’s life had indeed been difficult, though much of it stemmed from his own propensity for deception and a...

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Aug 28
St Lucas - Kewaskum WI
Chaplain Mark Wenzel
Aug 28
St Paul - Neosho WI
Pastor Bob Pasbrig
Aug 28
St John (8th & Vliet) - Milwaukee WI
Pastor Phil Henselin

Ministry Insights

"I had three new ladies join me today for Bible class and we studied "The Power of Forgiveness" which was very well received. It wasn't long into the study before a couple of the ladies broke down in tears. God'...
"Have you ever cried when you had to say “Goodbye?” Perhaps it was at a funeral, or moving far away from home, or after a wedding when everyone's leaving. Tears express our emotions and open the door for our bodies to...
"We had 12 people for Bible study which presented a bit of a challenge in keeping everyone on track. Some had questions about various sins, and while we did not have time to go over the entire 10 Commandments, I took note of the...