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Our Stories

With summer officially behind us, and the weather turning cooler once again, I know it won’t be long before I’ll be putting on a cozy sweater and a pair of slippers, just to feel their warmth and comfort. For one woman at the jail where I serve, the term comforter holds a very special...

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Sep 26
Riverview - Appleton WI
Chaplain Charles Iles
Oct 02
St John's - Wauwatosa WI
Chaplain Phil Merten will present...
Oct 02
Immanuel - Medford WI
Pastor Charles Iles

Ministry Insights

"As I introduced myself to the woman lying in the hospital bed, her eyes began to fill with tears. I wondered what I had stepped into. I then said her name, and instantly realized I was in the wrong room. This was not the person I was supposed to be...
"There’s a young lady in my Bible class that’s been at the facility for quite a long time. Her precious sense of humor, immature naiveté, positive comments (despite the limits and struggles of being institutionalized), were quite...
"So, we're about to study the plagues God sent upon the people of Egypt, when Leon shares his recent experience with a modern day "plague" of frogs. Apparently, frogs have been finding there way into the kitchen...